We have a 8 node GroupWise cluster spread across our 2 data centres.
We are getting more and more of "This node is in the Minority
partition and the node in the Majority partition is Alive" abends.
I've read in TID10053882 about it being a split brain condition. We
restarted the cluster last weekend in a maintenance slot to see if
this helped, it didn't.

I'm trying to figure why this is happening, the servers don't have any
networking problems at all and the SAN storage is always live and
presented to the hosts. I've read TID10100044 and checked with our
Cisco guys that our ports are configured in the correct manner. Each
node only has 1 NIC in use.

Maybe it has something to do with an even number or nodes and not an
odd number, but that is just a guess? Our other 11 node cluster
doesn't have the same problems and has the same switch/SAN/hardware

Any ideas how to figure out what is going on here? Are there any
other logs I can look at more on the cluster side that will tell me
any more?