Hi, I got 15 OES2 servers running in Vmware ESX 3.02 and got a nice
timesync... no problem at all. Vmware installed,
internal HP-UX timesources. Then i installed a physical server with OES2 (HP
DL385 G2), point to the right timesource
but that server is drifting time... i run ndsrepair -T and it shows Time in
sync=no, i then restart ntp om 385G2 and time is
in sync again... for some minutes. I check BIOS and the time there is ok.
Today, monday morning, the server has drifted
180 minutes. Tried to edti sysconfig/ntp and changed
NTPD_ADJUST_CMOS_CLOCK=yes but without any
success. Same problem still exists. I cannot restart the ntpd every 15
minutes... thats not what im looking for.

Ida, anyone?