We have one file in the ...\SharedFileSystem\RecordStore which is 9 GB in size.

I know we should not delete files here since these files are the actual user data. But this particular file are called 0x7f0ef8e374d2b54e95e37beb1ca26f3b_rewrite.sfx and has not been touched since 5 august.

I have read this thread http://www.ndsengineers.com/wireless...-enormous.html

Three things:
- I can not find any other file with this ending ..._rewrite.sfx. Can this file be deleted ? (There are not any _log.sfx coupled with this file)
- How on earth am I supposed to find which user a file belongs to ? I must be another way than browsing each user in the diag section. This can't be done in a production environment with hundreds of users....
- Are the diag section documented anywhere ? There are several menuitems I don't know what are doing.

Arnstein Woldstad