it's me again ;-)

After few tests with my S2S conection between a BM38SP5 and a bintec
router it seems that the BM cannot establish a connection to the bintec.
From the bintec side it is allways possible to establish a connection to
the BM.

If the BM make the initial call to the bintec I get the following error
messages in the IKE log:

26.11.2007 11.58.16 Invalid SPI SIZE in IKE MAIN MODE SA 8
26.11.2007 11.58.16 Processed SA-PAYLOAD unsuccessful - No IKE proposal
chosen, dst=<public IP bintec>
26.11.2007 11.58.16 Failed to create IKE-SA - No IKE proposal chosen , dst
= <public IP bintec>

Any ideas?