Hi there,

in one location with a dedicated ZDM server we have a problem with NAL
explorer after the migration of that server, where the software packages
were stored. After the migration the NAL is in a loop (the system tray
icon does not stop turning round and round), and no NAL icons ars shown.

The problem seems to come from the MSI apps objects. During the migration
process we adapted the "Administration package path" attribute of all the
MSI-objects manually.
Also you have to know, that for most installation of MSI-related software
we have two application ojects per software: one for the installation, one
for the exe-file(s). Both apps are associated with one group (so, one
group for each pair of apps).

Because of the error described above we did the following:
1. Re-created the MSI-apps objects. Some GUIDs of the new objects were
synced with the corresponding old ones, some not. In both situations:
problem remains
2. Adapted the path under "Common > Sources" (forgot it in the first
step): problem remains.
3. De-associated the "installation"-object from the group (so only the
"exe-"apps were associated): problem solved, but:
4. In case that the "installation"-app was defined in the Distribution
Rules of the "exe"-app as dependency, the NAL problem was still there.

Note, that there were no problems with the non-MSI-apps or apps were the
msiexec is directly referenced in "Run options > Path to file".

I tried to reproduce the error in another location, but even only doing
step 1 does not bring any errors - even the verify of the application was
working without adapting the path under "COmmon > Source" (which, from my
understanding, is working as designed). Only difference between the two
locations is, that in the first one the two servers are not on the same
subnet, whereas in the second they are.

Resulting questions:
1. How should MSI-apps be handled in case of a server migration? Does a
manual change of the "Administration package path" and under "Common >
Sources" remove the old values? (TID 10093655 says no, but it also says
that all the MSI-apps should be re-created: with about 100 MSI-apps this
is no fun...)
2. Why we have these two different behaviours? In both locations we have
dedicated ZDM servers, both running ZDM7 SP1 HP6.

Because we are going to migrate the location with the biggest number of
users in the near future it would be fine to know how to avoid this

Thanks for any help and hints,