We have been using TIVOLI for years and have done server restores and
upgrades with little or no problems. Recently we did a full restore of
a NOVELL server to new hardware and got calls from the users about files
being corrupted. Investigating the problem it appears that there is a
problem between Tivoli and netware 6.5, at least we have not seen the
problem on our remaining 5.1 servers. When you restore a file, the size
,date, time, are allcorrect, except the file contains no data. IF you
look at the files with a binary editor, the files are just binary zeros.
The problem however is happening when the files are saved, If you do
another save of the server, like a selective backup of a volume, each
time you will get a different random number of files as being saved with
binary zeros as the data. We have only seen this happen with NOVELL
servers. We tried using VERITAS to save a server and the problem does
not exist with it. I have had NOVELL and IBM talking to each other to
try to resole the problem with no success so far. All they want is
debug info after debug info after debug info. There is no warning that
this problem is happening , you will only discover it when doing
restored. We have used TIVOLI Storage manager 5.1.5 up.

Has anyone seen this problem, if not It might be prudent to do a test
full restore of a volume to see if the problem exists. Like on a
restore of 1.5 million files, 38K showed up bad.