Good Afternoon,

I have just installed my first SLES OES 2 server into my tree. All my
other servers are running OES NW6.5sp7.

The first issues I have noticed I am having are: I see no SLP services
registered in my eDirectory SLPSCOPE. And I can not login to iManager.

I have web services and I can log into iMonitor.

While checking some documentation, I noticed the SLES server says it is
running eDirectory 8.8, while all my Netware servers are running

I am new to SLES and I am having a bit of a hard time figuring out where
to go for assistance.

Can someone point me in the right direction to figure out what I should be
trying to fix first and let me know of other configurations I will need to
do to get this SLES server working correctly.

Thank you,