I've just installed Zen works 10.0.1 Configuration Management on a Windows
Server 2003 (patched and packed up) in a VMWare enviornment.

The error happens when the laptop or PC gets to the point
"Sending queries to"
"Could not open services."
"output is hieroglyphics / hex dump like"

I'm frustrated to the hilt; read every piece of documentation I can get my
hands on; pretty much this entire forum/group.

Services Running :
Novell Proxy DHCP Service
Novell TFTP Service (have to turn of to test; otherwise crashes my users)
Novell ZENworks Agent Service
Novell ZENworks Datastore
Novell ZENworks Loader
Novell ZENworks Preboot Policy Service (runs when it's needed)
Novell ZENworks Preboot Service
Novell ZENworks Remote Management powered by VNC
Novell ZENworks Server
Novell ZENworks Services Monitor

DHCP is on another server; turned on options :
066 Boot Server Host Name - (IP of ZCC)
067 Bootfile Name - nvlnbps.sys

we took a(n) picture of the out if someone wants me to send it to them.

Please help.