I have a HP DL380 G3 packed cluster with MSA500 unit. This cluster has a
total of four 72.8 GB drives arranged in a RAID 10 configuration. The
resulting array is setup as a 146 GB partition with a single logical
drive. This is then assigned to one pool, which contains two NSS
volumes (VOL1 and IPRINT). This is running on NetWare 6.5 SP6.

To allow for expected future expansion, I would like to replace the two
72 GB mirrored drive pairs with a single 300 GB drive pair. This should
reduce the number of drives in our MSA500 from four to two, while
doubling the space available to NetWare. After backing up the two
NetWare volumes, I thought I could simply:

1. remove the four 72 GB drives
2. insert the two new 300 GB drives
3. use CPQONLIN to create the 300 GB mirrored partition & logical drive
4. use NRM to recreate the pool (using the original pool name)
5. use NRM to recreate the NetWare volumes (using the original names)
6. restore all data back to the NetWare volumes from tape

Everything was working up until step 4. When I tried to recreate the
pool using the original pool name, I received an error (can't seem to
find the screen print I took, and it's not in the) and was unable to
finish the process. Do I need to delete the cluster resources (server,
pool, volumes, etc.) in NDS before recreating everything? Just the pool
and volumes?

Am I on the right track with this or is there a better way to go about this?