Using TID 10096966, running Netware 6.5sp6. My plan is to move the home directories to another server. Right now (prior to the move) my users are accessing their directories fine and this is what the export said the location is (the pointers got lost after we vcu'ed the volumes and this is what we ended up with which seems to be working):

ndsHomedirectory: cn=EOT_SERVER_USER,o=ACS#0#

I understand I need to wipe that out before repopulating. But in the example in the TID, looks like they end it with a \username (see below) .. Do I need to do this as well since I didn't have it before?

ndsHomeDirecotry: cn=ranger_sys,ou=servers,o=mountain#0#Users\test2

Also, besides changing the login scripts, I am guessing i have to go into each user and give rights to their piece of the new volume? Or does changing it on this environment tab do this? I know when I initially create users right now, it does, but if their home directory gets created later after the fact, I have to manually assign the rights to it. So that is why I am asking.