Sorry folks I know this topic has already been discussed but I still
don't know how to do this.

With ZEN 7 we have installed the ZEN 7 agent in our image which was then
sysprep'd and uploaded to the image server. When the freshly imaged PC is
booted it runs through the sysprep mini-setup and is manually assigned a
unique NETBIOS name and after a reboot the workstation object is imported
into the eDirectory tree from the local AWSI server. Works a treat.

I have tried to achieve the same kind of thing with ZCM 10.0.1 agent but
am not having any success. I installed the Adaptive Agent onto the PC and
did not let it reboot. I then removed the GUID from the ZCM agent
registry key as described in TID 3273817. I then ran sysprep and uploaded
the image. The PC boots up fine but I can only get it to register with
the server manually with the ZAC command it will not _automatically_
register with the server (I was using a custom deployment bundle with a
registration key), in fact sometimes it appears to work an others not
would be more accurate. I think it is labour-intensive to have to run ZAC
on each PC after imaging and don't want to impose that on the desktop
support guys (they'll hate me). I know I can put ZAC in a batch file with
username and password and run from the start menu but that seems ugly and

Is there a way I can have the PC automatically register immediately after
an image has been placed on it? Again running the ZCM Adaptive Agent
install after imaging will work with passwords being required but this
requires a five minute install and you have to wait 5 minutes for a
reboot which all adds to the time taken to deploy PC's.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how to save labour in registering
PC's the same way it worked in ZEN 7?