Have installed, apparently wrongly but it's (mostly) working,
OES2/SLES10 etc. Slick enough. And much easier install than OES1.

My mistake this time around was installing SLES *then* installing OES
afterwards as an add-on and this may be where some odd effects are coming
from, I will blow it away and try again.

Other things.
Does the DNS/DHCP Management Console from NW6.5 et al work properly with

The DNS side of it seems ok, but DHCP seems unable to 'see' anything,
despite creating DHCP server (and having it operating)
with iManager.

If not, do I HAVE to use iManager (yech) to do DNS/DHCP management, frankly
it's horrible and lots of clicking back and forth needed. (I HATE web

Two odd things.

DNS created with iMangler seemed to get the server A record mangled, all the
others were ok, but I fixed it with DNS/DHCP Console and it seems ok now.

I had a machine running on the network that was getting an IP from an
embedded DHCP server in a DSL modem.

Turned off the DSL DHCP and added a mac address entry for the machine in
question and a new ip address.

Did a release/renew on the machine, it came back with the same IP it had
originally but DHCP information proving it came from the DHCP server on the
OES2 box. Eh?

Nothing I do seems able to convince it to use the IP address I've
assigne/created for it.

Yes, I have triple checked that the mac address is correct.

Further, I created a bogus entry with a bogus mac address and assigned it to
the 'wrong' ip address it was getting,

Release/renew, same. Still comes up with the original IP. Can't seem to
list dynamically assigned DHCP addresses in iManager to see what's going on,
which is why I wanted DNS/DHCP Manager to work as it shows them all...

I'm going to blow OES2 away tonight and try the hopefully correct install
procedure and see what happens...

Box is a salvaged dual P3-800mhz with 1gb and an 80Gb ide drive.
(Yes, it's just for testing/learning of course)

Only other thing is that when a drive is first mapped, first time you open
it seems to take a VERY long time. (nearly 30 seconds)
After that it's fine, some reason?

Any/all advice appreciated.