2 Node Cluster NW6.5 SP6

Master IP on Node2

Accessing Cluster Configuration trough iManager leads to an

ClstrLib Err=-670

error in NRM and an

Cluster-<info>-<46>: ncslibFilterBaseClass 0:API called =
ddcResolveName, error = fffffd62

error in the logger screen. Sometimes additional information like

failed to get master ip_address_resource

appears on the logger screen.

Neither google nor forums.novell.com helps with this topic. Checked NDS sync and health with dsrepair, everything was allright.
Used dsbrowse, looking at the master_ip_address_resource, everything, except one attribute, looks fine too. The exception was
in the 'NCS:CRM failover mode' attribute, which shows in the listing [80000031 / -2147483599] as the hex resp. dec values.
I wonder about the negative dec value. Entering the value details shows the dec value without leading minus as expected.
I have no idea if this behavior is normal.

I decided to migrate the master_ip_address_resource by migrating all resources to Node1, then performing a cluster leave on Node2. Everything works fine. Before joining the cluster again, I'v tried the above task on Node1, which now holds the IP ressource.
The problem now arises on Node1.

OK, I decided to bring node2 back in the cluster by issuing a cluster join command at the server console.
Result: Instead joining the cluster, the node reported himself as new_node_01 in a very new cluster. Checked my syntax, found no error,
issued again cluster leave command and after success cluster join. Same result. Ok, cluster leave and restart server issued on node2.
That solved the problem, but not the master_ip_address_resource failure.

Any help is greatly appreciated.