Facing a migration/upgrade scenario from GW 6.5 on NW 6.5 to GW 7 on Linux.
Now here are the questions:
I want to install GW 7 on SLES 10 SP1 to facilitate later upgrade to OES2
- but maybe I should go all out and install on OES2 ?
Or conservatively stick with OES1 SP1 on SLES 9 because thats proven
technology ?

Originally I planned to do a GW upgrade to 7.x on Netware, and the later
use the migration tool to move over to Linux platform - BUT due to the
agressive pricing on the NOWS linux package we have a Linux ONLY scenario
so I guess that option is out :-(

Now the question is: Is my only option to do a migrate of GW 6.5 on
Netware to GW 6.5 on linux, and after that do an upgrade to GW 7 ? Which
then leeds me to any open issues on migrating "old" GW 6.5 to the "new"
SLES 10 SP1 platform or even OES2 ?

On the practical side I can see from doc and from some of the posts here
that dbcopy allows me to do a bulk copy and then an "refresh" later. Does
anyone have a step by step guide on this from the perspective of moving
all the data to the Linux Platform first with dbcopy (in the 2 stages) and
subsequently install GW 7 domain, po's and agents on the linux platform
and then linking them to existing data (paths and IP changes) ?

All in all my goal is to achieve the smoothest (safest & fastest &
simplest) migration from GW 6.5 on Netware to GW 7 on Linux.

Any info is appreciated :-)