I am distributing a NAL object to non-administrative users and checking the
following boxes

Run as unsecure system user

a.. Run As Unsecure System User: This option is the same as Run As
Secure System User, with the exception that the user interface is available.
This means that the application can display dialog boxes and prompt the user
for information if necessary. In return, the user will have the ability to
do whatever that application offers on the workstation. For example, if you
specify regedit.exe as an unsecure system user, the workstation's user can
edit any registry values.

Run as secure system user

a.. Run As Secure System User: The application inherits the
workstation's credentials and is run as a Windows NT/2000/XP process. For
example, the application has full rights to the registry and the file
system. No user interface is available and the application is only visible
in the Task Manager. This option is useful when distributing applications
that require full access to the workstation but require no user
intervention, such as a service pack or update.

I am trying to execute a CMD using "Run after termination" launch methods

Rename C:\Windows\system32\chat.exe chat.org

this is not working as the users do not have rights to rename this file in

However I thought setting the Run As... options dealt with this or am I