Hello all,

I have a problem installing GWAVA4 at the moment and have a support ticket
open with them right now. The problem I have is that the software wont
install, the GWAVA4 ips file checks inside NWCONFIG to see if there is an
'SPACK' reference version 6.5.6, files to find it and quits on me saying my
version of netware is not supported and needs updated. Their minimum is
Netware 6.5 sp5.

The problem I have is that my server is indeed patched to Netware 6.5
service pack 6 as is shown when I type VERSION at the console screen but in
NWCONFIG there is no reference to the support pack being istalled. Other
servers in my tree which I also upgraded to SP6 do show this product to be

The question is how can I make this right?

Do I need to now re-install sp6 and the post sp6 updates or is there another

your thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

GWAVA have suggested I edit the .ips file to stop the version checking but
quite rightly wont support me on the outcome of this method.