We are currently doing some tests with Zen For Linux 7.2 IR1. We noticed
that there is no so called "workstation removal policy" like in zen for
windows desktops. Quite annoying if you have 5000 linux desktops to manage
of which 3 to 5 harddisks crash and get replaced every week.

The harddisk gets replaced, image back in place and re-register the
workstation. Cause the workstation gets a new UID in
/etc/opt/novell/zenworks/zmd/deviceid we get a second workstation object
into the management console.

The first time the workstation was registered is just with the
hostname.(crashed workstation)
The second time the same pc with same hostname - ip address register
itself into zen. We get a second workstation object which has the name
hostname+new uid and the message that the workstation already existed.

How can we avoid having two workstation objects pointing to the same pc?

Or an automation process that automatically removes the pc objects that it
can't contact for a certain perion?