This is an old subject revisited. I have had this problem with my laptop
since I got it, but have not taken the time to try to fix it yet. I now
have the problem on a customers PC and HAVE to fix it NOW!!!!

New Dell Latitude D830 Laptop. Right out of the box. I am performing the
initial setup on the laptop and downloaded the latest Novell client.
Installed the client, rebooted, filled in the tree and server information,
attempted to login as admin. The login succeeds, but hangs on the Results
screen. It is like it is unable to process the login script. The only
option is to press the power button. Attempting to "logout" from the task
manager fails.

The server is NetWare 6.5 sp 6. The client is setup for IP and IPX.

HELP!!!!!! Please


Anthony Campbell