Not sure if anyone else has noticed/experienced this problem, but I figured I'd mention it.

After upgrading our email server (GW 7.0.2) from NW6.5SP6 to NW6.5SP7, we noticed that our backups we failing on many more files when backing up our two GroupWise POs and our GroupWise Domain. When I checked the effective settings for TSAFS I noticed that EnableGW was set to "False". We haven't touched this setting in a long time and it wasn't set as a switch in the SMSSTART.NCF file, because the documentation says it only needs to be set once.

Once set back to "True" our GW backups have been fine again. Now I set it in the SMSSTART.NCF to always use the /EnableGW=True switch. It "shouldn't" need to be there, but I don't want to risk that happening again.