The MIME.822 header is stripped after passing through the GW 7.x Exchange
Gateway. As told in TID #3878409, this works 'as designed'! Unfortunately we
need the MIME.822 header information for SPAM handling and other reasons
(i.e. compliant e-mail archiving) in our local GW 7.0.2 system. Our (new)
branch offices are running MS Exchange 2003 and we wouldn't like to migrate
to Exchange. That's why we set up the GW 7.x Exchange Gateway (7.0.2) for
e-mail transfer over a central exchange server which - so far - woks fine.
The exchange server is also responsible for x-spam tagging and virus

TID #3878409 is from June 2007 and reported to engineering. Did they solve
the 'problem'? If not, we probably have to go the hard way (to exchange)!
This couldn't be the intension of this 'feature'...

Does anybody has some information?
Thank you in advance!