Following situation..
At the moment we're having some issues with one of our oes-sp2 (sles9) servers.. The server is a HP Proliant DL380G4 with 3,5GB RAM and a HP MSA1000 san connected trough FC. On this san residing two nss volumes.

For test purposes we're using vmware workstation and the vm-files are stored on the nss volumes. Users installing directly there machines on the nss volume. Until 2 weeks ago everything went fine.. now this doesn't work anymore.
On installing a virtual machine the server goes nuts and it run's out of memory.. One of the errors appearing in /var/log/messages is "kernel: Error -601 from ndp_NCPMapGUIDToUID". Clientfilecaching is disabled for NSS and the latest nsspatches are installed. Has anybody a idea?