Thanks for the help on the volatile user profile problem. I have another
problem. I went to use iManger 2.5 and I get a browswer cannot connect
message (IE). Remote Manager is working correctly. I have gone through the
TID's at Novell Support. I have figured out my server certificates are ok.
LDAP over SSL is ok. Tomcat4 does not load correctly and Apache is not
loading at all. I checked the Apache error log file: Syntax error on line
576 of SYS:Apache2confhttpd.conf - Can't find the worker file specified.
I checked line 576 of th httpd.conf file: JKWorkerFile
" - upon further examination there
is no conf folder at all at sys:adminsrv. What happened to the folder and
how to I repair it? Can I just reinstall iManager?

Thanks in Advance,