Here's a resume of my situation:

I have ZCM 10.0.0 server on which I can't do 10.0.1 update and where many
things don't work (bundles, policies, remote tasks, etc.) Only remote
control work fine. I have 550 workstation where ZCM agent is installed.
To be able to correct that problem right now, I want to:
- Install a new 10.0.1 ZCM server in my existing zone.
- Deploy (update) agents from the new server on computers where agent is
already install.
- Remove (delete) 10.0.0 ZCM server from the zone to be able to use only
10.0.1 server as primary server.
- I don't need to keep my existing bundles or policies.

Is it possible ? Is this a dream or this could be a reality ?