Hello to all and thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

I am working with a company that is looking to go from a very lightly used
2.X install to 7.X. Basically all they are using it for now is Dynamic
Local User policy. The only client-side software in-use is the workstation
manager installed with old versions of client32. What they have been doing
to keep DLU working is install an old version of the client that still came
with Workstation Manager and then upgrade it so it's still on there. They
are running 2000 and XP workstations. The Zenworks 4 schema was installed
into the tree a few years back but was never implemented.

I have installed Zenworks 7 Desktop Management to a new server and extended
the schema, applied all the latest updates. We manage the Zen 2.X stuff
with an instance of NWadmin with Zen snap-ins and manage anything 7.x with
C1 and the proper Snap-ins.

I need the DLU set up with the 2.X environment to run properly for a given
container until we have time to upgrade all the desktops via the login
script with the zen 7 agent. Of course once an agent is updated I need that
to work with DLU right away also. Basically I need both versions of the
policies to work at the same time. The problem I am running into is that as
soon as I configure a search policy with a new container package in C1 and
associate it to a container the 2.X DLU policy stops working. I read a TID
that said the workstation will take the first search policy it finds and
look to apply that version of other policies when multiple versions exist in
the tree. If that is what's happening here and it's trying to run the 7.X
policies (and ignoring the 2.X oens) then it seems that the old Workstation
Manager client component is not able to read the 7.X user policies. That is
understandable but it also seems silly for it to recognize a newer search
policy but not be able to apply a user policy. As soon as I disassociate
the newer search policy it goes back to working fine for the machines with
Workstation Manager.

Conversely it seems that the Zen 7 agent can't read the old user policies.
If I don't create new user policies and try to sign on once a workstation
has been upgraded with the zen 7 agent DLU does not work either.

I am not an expert on Zen but I am thinking of two possible choices, neither
of which seem great....so hoping for more options.

#1, I can create new Zen 7 policies but not create search policies. This is
not a huge environment but there are 5-10 remote sites that don't hold a
copy of the root locally and would have to cross the wire to check. I'm
thinking it might be alright for a week or two per container if we move
slowly and don't do everyone at once. Once the 1-2 weeks is done I can stop
worrying about machines that didn't get hit yet and create a new search
policy and one-off any stragglers later.

#2, I can see if there is an earlier version of the Zen agent (I am thinking
4.X perhaps?) that is able to read both 2.X and 7.X policies. This would
mean rolling out 4.X, waiting until everyone was upgraded, and then having
to upgrade again to 7.X. This is really not appealing to me but at the same
time I don't want to put any users at risk of extremely slow login or worse
if #1 is going to cause that. Maybe this is not even possible but hopefully
someone can answer whether this would even work.

Please let me know what you think about this scenario and what the preferred
course of action should be....also please let me know if I've completely
overlooked something and if I should be able to get DLU working with the
Workstation Manager and 7.X policies.