Well I've nearly got this working OK apart from the initial login to
windows, does not authenticate me into eDir. I'm getting the "802.1x
Authentication Failed. Timeout waiting for authentication to finish.
Logging in to the workstation only"

Upon logging into workstation only, the wireless is connected OK. If I
then disconnect the wireless and try log login via the Novell Client and
802.1x, the wireless connects and I can login to eDir without a problem.
So I am confident that FreeRadius and the AP are setup OK, as
everything works after I have logged into windows.

I am using the following setup:
Client 4.91 SP4
FreeRadius on OES1
MS Patches KB918997, KB893357, KB917021
HKLM|Software|Microsoft|EAPOL|Parameters|General|G lobal|SupplicantMode = 3
Authenticate as computer when computer information is available is selected.
Using PEAP
Validate Server certificates is selected and is working.
Novell MSCHAP-V2

Bumping the 802.1x timeout up, just delays the error message by the time
specified in the timeout.

If anyone has any ideas, it will be much appreciated.

Many thanks