My XP rollout has finally reached critical mass and I'm having to deal
with more than one person having to login on the XP workstations.

Using Microsoft's File and Settings Transfer Wizard introduces its own
set of problems when creating multiple user profiles on the XP machines.

I'd like to set the machines to have a single local user profile while
multiple users can login to Novell. I've followed the instructions on
setting up "Auto login to NT and manual Login to NDS" and have seen the
following issues:

1. The login screen "looks different" from the usual Novell login
screen I'm use to seeing.

2. The NDS tree here is named SOU and the context is BK.SOU so the full
NDS structure is "BK.SOU.SOU". These fields are configured correctly
in the client properties and have been set accordingly in the registry
When the Novell login screen appears the Tree field shows "BK.SOU", the
Contect field is blank, and the Server field is blank.
I can change this to the correct "Tree:SOU", "Context:BK.SOU",
"Server:LAK4", but why isn't this coming up correctly in the first

3. On booting once the Novell login screen is presented, or if the user
logs out and goes back to the Novell login screen; if someone doesn't
login the machine will do a local login on it's own after about a
Any ideas why this is occuring?

Sorry for so many questions at once. #3 is the main problem I'm
worried about.

Michael Golden

Novell 4.11 network
Client 32 4.90
XP Pro SP2