Hi all,

I've been working with NAL, since even before Novell Marketing came up with the term: ZenWorks.
And I strongly believe that I have run into the weirdest problem I have ever come across using NAL....

In short - I Have a ZfD 6.5 installation running on Windows 2000 servers.
All my workstations (about 5000) are running WinXP Pro SP1 & SP2 with application launcher

On the workstations, we are running MS Office 2003 SP1 normally being made available by ZfD/NAL.
Recently we have installed a plugin for Outlook 2003, giving us some ressource booking facilities in Outlook 2003.

Now - if we let the users use a ZfD/NAL shortcut on the desktops to launch Outlook 2003 - the above mentioned plugin is being disabled immediately, as Outlook is changing the registry key "LoadBehavior" from "3" to "2". But Outlook itself launches fine - just without the booking plugin. No errormessages and no mentioning of problems in eventlog....

BUT - if I manually launch Outlook from file-explorer or manually create a non-NAL shortcut on the desktop to launch potlook.exe, the plugin loads and works like a treat! And this shortcut, will do the exact same thing as the NAL shortcut - just launch outlook.exe and nothing else....

Ideas anyone? Or can I officially call this the Strangest NAL problem ever? :-)

Henrik :-)