I have been trying to get the APC network shutdown utility to load on a
couple of OES 2 boxes. Both the OES 2 servers are up to date, but when I
start the installation program, it hangs. On the main test server (Dell PE
2650 with a Xeon processor with hyper-threading on) the JAVA.bin takes up
40-50% of the CPU time but the installation program hangs.

Has anyone gotten the APC network shutdown utility to work? APC says "I was
assuming that SLES stood for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10.0 which should
be compatible with the software. Novell OES 2 is not compatible. It sounds
like this machine has both OS's on it which may be the cause of the
problem." (which may give you a laugh).

Daniel Wells, AIA
MHTN Architects, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah