Hello, purchased about 20 new dc5750's this time around instead of the Intel based units. I like them but cannot image them. Receive error message "No network device found Load a network module first". First I read in a tid that this was cured in sp1 Halaluya! So I downloaded my Zenworks Desktop Management sp1 release2 .iso and upgraded last night. Burnt new boot disk but still get same results. So back to knowledge base and I have browsed for awhile now but no clear answer. Typing in hwinfo --netcard gives me Vendor pci0x14e4 Device pci 0x280a. So it appears to know that its a broadcom net extreme gigabit card. Zenver on the server shows it was upgraded to 7.0.1 and the time stamp on my bootcd.iso shows yesterday. Do I need to build the driver into the .iso? At one point today after receiving the network card error I hit something and it took me into a menu that allowed me to choose a network module to load but at that time I didn't know what it was. How do I get that menu box to pop up? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks