I need to install middle tier server after the main install of 7.1. I have
a few questions before I proceed.

all servers are ntwre oes 6.5 sp 5
edir 8.8.1
One srvr running zfd 6.5 the other 7.1

I want to be able to remotely manage wrkst outside of LAN.

1. Is there any reason I shouldn't install middle tier on a OES linux srvr?
The server will be running group wise as well, but not netstorage or ifolder
(docs say there are issues if this is done).

2. Is it problem if all the other component of ZFD are running on ntwre

3. Will I have to reinstall wrkst manager on wrksts that need to use middle
tier, if they already have wrkst mger installed? Or can I change a config
file or is it in the registry of win xp boxes?

Thank you for the help