I asked this question over in the eDirectory forum and he sent me over here.

I have a large tree with 25,000+ users, 200+ partitions and about 450 servers. This tree was created 14 years ago with NDS 4.01 and has been upgraded to each version of NDS and eDir along the way. We're at on most servers but still have a few with as low as NDS 85.20c.

We want to install some new OES2 servers in the tree. Because it forces eDir 8.8, I'll have to introduce 8.8 into the tree. Compatiblity is a big concern based on TID# 3171434. With ZfD 6.5, support says that they didn't test Zen 6.5 on 8.8 and so, can give us no help on it. We can certainly avoid running ZfD 6.5 on 8.8 servers if that's the only issue but my main concern is the note at the bottom of the TID that says: "There is one exception. Zen objects can't be synchronized to a eDirectory 8.8 server. Please see the Novell Zenworks section for more details." The link to the "Novell Zenworks section" is broken.

Some of our locations have upgraded to ZfD 7.01 but many still run 6.5. Upgrading is an ongoing process. Has anyone out there installed 8.8 into a tree with Zen 6.5 or prior objects? What issues have come up?