My inventory roll-up is not happening and I think it's because I can't get the ZenWebServer running. I have already posted this in the "inventory" forum but have had no response.

Please, does anybody have any idea how to fix/troubleshoot the ZenWebServer?

I am running ZFD 7 sp1 2nd release, NetWare 6.5

I get the following error in the log file:

I am unable to get the ZenWebServer running. Any idea how to fix this?

ZFD 7 sp1

The following is an extract from the log file:

Using SYS:\ZENworks\zfs-startup.log as the log file.
2007.11.26 10:43:42 [ZWS:Module] Module com.novell.application.zenworks.services.webserver .ZenWebServer failed to initialize
2007.11.26 10:43:42 [ZWS:Module] *** Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException
2007.11.26 10:43:42 [ZWS:Module] java.lang.NullPointerException

2007.11.26 10:43:42 [main] All modules have shutdown.

Many thanks and kind regards,