I have a Linux OES SP2 server and I wanted to use Embox to do the
edirectory backup and restore. I have successfully backed up the
edirectory on a test box and done a restore which worked fine.

Now my problem on the production server I setup the backup the edirectory
which worked fine. Now for Disaster Testing I have setup test server with
the same servername, same edirectory name, same ip address and I copied
over the edirbackup.bak and edirbackup.log file from production to the
test server but when I try a restore it starts and I am asked if this is
part of a incred backup which it's a full then after about 15 sec get a
-626 error.

I know the test server is fine as I did a quick backup test on that server
which worked fine but I can't seem to able to restore the production tree
onto this test server. The test server is on a isolated network so they
don't see each other.

I can't find anything related to this -626 error and the embox docs are

Any ideas.