11/15 11 am Placed Order for 2 docking stations for $279 with $50 2-day
shipping (on-line)

11/15 12 pm 1st call from Erwin saying address did not come over some
sort of glitch in the system, redid order

11/15 12:30 pm received new order confirmations with incorrect price
and shipping.

11/15 12:35 pm received e-mail/call and new order confirmation with
correct shipping and incorrect price

11/15 1:00 pm called Mr Erwin to fix the price and shipping was told
his voice mail box was full and I was being transferred to someone that
could help me. Guess when I got a dial tone I should have know it was
all down here from there.

11/15 1:10 pm sent e-mail to Mr Erwin that the shipping was correct but
the price was wrong.

11/15 1:20 pm received another NEW order confirmation with correct
price and shipping info.

11/16 8:30 am received e-mail that we need to call the bank because we
are using a different bill and shipping address the BILLING is a P.O.

11/16 9:30 am message left at number give in above said e-mail about
different address

11/21 9:00 am received voice mail to contact Mr Erwin because they
couldnt ship to a P.O. Box

11/21 9:05 am sent Mr Erwin an e-mail correcting this, the P.O. Box is
A BILLING address please ship to....

11/26 9:00 am sent Mr Erwin an e-mail enquiring on the status of my
order, no responses.

11/29 9:00 am attempt to call Mr Erwin and am told by the very nice
automated system that his mail box is full and it will transfer me to
at dial tone, and it did.

11/29 9:05 am call 18664284465 and get disconnected 3 times before I
get a live person to tell me that the order was canceled because they
couldnt ship to a P.O. BOX!

11/29 9:59 am just got a new order confirmation number and around and
around we go

"Moldy mildew, mother of mouthmuck, dangle and strangle to death." She