I'm trying to setup eDirectory authentication for https, and am following
the scenario outlined in TID 3129578. In short, this uses the eDirectory
LDAP connector for the purpose.

I found that the documented directives begining with 'AuthLDAP.....' would
generate errors and HTTP would not restart. Tracing this down, I find when
viewing the HTTP server modules in Yast, that 'authnz_ldap' is disabled!

I am running an untouched SLES10SP1/OES2 vanilla install

If one attempts to enable that module, the HTTP service will not restart.
It is as though it is conflicting with another module. There are several
other 'auth....' server modules enabled. I'm wondering if something else
has to be turned off to turn eDirectory authitication on? If so, it is not
documented in the TID.