I have installed SM2 for my customer in an
There are some problems.

First of all: Is it possible to direct NSMAdmin
to start in a specific Domain omitting the whole
structure-scan while starting?

Second: We have problems with associating Policies
to groups. When configuring a policy, we can select
a group to associate with but after saving this
policy it is not found on the group. Of course,
policy does not function as well.

Third: There are some member servers connected with a
rather small bandwith. We put sentinels on them.
But when testing the installation we missed some
target paths.Then I scheduled a rebuild of target
pathes which didn't finished within an hour. A second
try failed too.
Then I stopped the engine, deleted the polcache.dat file,
restarted the engine and monitored
it with taskmanager. Right after start it took somewhat more
than 40MB Memory and brought it down to 16MB at all. Then
after 30 minutes it finished and a new polcache file was
there. But still there are some target-pathes missing.
The missing once are those from slowly connected servers.
What to do here? Is there any way to manually put
target-pathes into the database?

Best reagrds