Howdy folks.

I've been having trouble finding documentation to answer some questions to
see if my enviornment will funciton with OES2 in the tree.

We're running a mixed enviornment, with everything from some old netware 5.1
servers to netware 6.5sp6, and now OES 1 sp2.

Most servers (and the root) are up to DS, however we do have some
Netware 5.1 boxes (oldest DS is 8.82, rest at 8.85c). and netware 6 (SP 5).

From the documentation from OES2, it appears that I *can* upgrade an OES1
box to OES2, and retain, however new 'direct' installs of OES2 would
require going directly to eDir 8.8.

Additionally, we have sites running ZFD 7 (sp1), which appears to have
issues running on eDir 8.8.
We are currently in the process of migrating to Groupwise 7 (from 6.5) as

Going to eDirectory 8.8 is not currently an option (political) in the tree.

So the questions I have are:

Because it does appear that OES2 will work running if its upgraded
to from OES1, is this a viable upgrade path for us both for existing
migrations, and possibly new servers (installing OES1+edir8.7.3.9, then
upgrading to SLES10 and OES2)?

Are there any known issues with having OES2 in a mixed tree with 5.1 serves
with such an old version of DS?

and finally...
Has anyone run ZFD 7 on OES 2 with eDir In my case, I have an
existing NW6.5sp6 machine that I need to remove, and I would really like to
consolidate to a OES2 server and run Zen 7 on it instead of a netware 6.5