I have the same problem as OHolmen. The situation here is like this:

OES2 server, fresh installed. During the SLES10SP1 installation we
created two primary partitions, one for SWAP and one the root-partition
on Disk 1. Then, the OES services were installed, excluding NSS. Next
step was installing NSS. After that, On Disk 2 we created an
EVMS-partition incl. a container and volume, leaving unpartitioned space
of 50GB for use with NSS.

Now, when I try to create a pool on that Disk2 using NSSMU, the free
space of 50GB is shown, but after entering a size for the partition for
the pool I get the "21705 Error getting enough available evms
partition space to satisfy the request".
I tried creating a Segment using the EVMSGUI. There, the only Segment
Manager is the DOSSegMgr, not the NWSegMgr, which is shown correctly in
the list of plug-ins.

Any ideas?

Greetings from Germany