We are scripting a migration from ISC DHCP to Novell and I have a question
about the option tags for the Nortel i2004 phones. I'm pretty sure I use
option tag 128 and 191 and add them to my dhcp option table as strings. My
question is about the name of the option. In our existing dhcp.auto file we
have this:
option nortel-voip-server

(actual ip addresses removed)

option nortel-voip-vlan "VLAN-A:652."

and in the dhcpd.conf file we have:

# Nortel IP Phone specific option

#option nortel-ip-phone code 128=string;

#class "i2004-clients" {

#match if option

#vendor-class-identifier=4e:6f:72:74:65:6c:2d:69:32:30:30:34:2d: 41:00;


# Added June 18 2007

# Nortel IP Phone Options

option nortel-voip-server code 128=text;

option nortel-voip-vlan code 191=text;

So - would I create option tag 128 with the name nortel-voip-server and
option tag 191 with the name nortel-voip-vlan ?

Does the name of the option matter or does it just read the tag number?