We have a NetWare 6.5.3 server that runs normally and then will go to 100% util for about 5-10 seconds then back to about 1 or 2% utiil. If I look in the Busiest Threads section of the Monitor there seems to be a correlation with a thread that does not have an identifying name. It is just a blank space and then the number 4, which looks like this " 4". Otherwise the busiest thread is "Server 15" at about 3,800,000. The problem happens about every 70 seconds. I checked collisions on the server and I don't see anything there and I have purged volumes so there are plenty of free blocks. They are NSS volumes. I have also unloaded just about every app and it still does it. Another server in our tree is very similar and does not have the problem. Thanks for any help you can give.