I am guessing to start this Install I am going to boot off an overlay cd?
This server has 2 80 Gig SATA drives. really one 80 Gig drive because one
is for mirroring. but we are not using more than 500 megs for data
currently anyway. Someone said last time during the Netware 6.5 install it
would ask for the overlay but it never did. This was in a previous install
to a Gateway ALR 6400 with only one 50 gig suzi hd. Also I have no idea,
Is Dos on the neware 6.5 cd or How do I get 500 mb Dos partition onto the
sata drive. Last time I installed Dr. DOS from some floppys that I
downloaded. But that was on a regular scsi drive. Sata is new to me worked
with ide and scsi for years. If Dos won't install to SATA or if the
Netware overlay cd will I have no idea. Where do I begin? I know that
Netware automatically creates a 4 gig SYS partition. Then I us NSSMU I
believe to create pools and additional Volumes correct? I think I can make
one pool to contain all the volumes correct?
Then create all my additional volumes within the pool.

Thanks for the help,