I have a site on a 192.168.7.x subnet, where there is only one workstation
and a printer. Recently I set the user up stand-alone for all services on
the workstation. Having gotten everything (apparently) working fine, I
shut down the Netware server and brought it back to the shop. That office
does not need a full-blown server and this server lease is about to expire.

I moved the user's account to the 192.168.6.x server and associated branch
of the Tree. Worked fine. (This office is only occupied 6 hours/week).
This week the workstation stopped seeing the tree.

Although I deleted the Server object from this branch I left the pools
assigned to that branch. All other IP routing is working fine. I can reach
the workstation and printer, and the devices are able to do business as
normal on the network.

Is this as simple as re-assigning the subnet to the server that is also
doing the .6 subnet?