As is common with v1.0 products, there are some growing pains to go through. I have already seen users on this forum complaining about the installation and the documentation. I installed T+C on a single server last Friday and found the installation to have gone VERY well! Surprisingly well, actually!

Some guidelines for those of you who are looking into installing T+C (my observations so far!):

1. Do yourself a favor and start by watching Rob Luhrs' 3 ChalkTalk videos here:

2. As mentioned by Rob, prepare your 3 conferencing IP addresses and DNS names FIRST! On my server (SLES 10 SP1), I have the primary IP address + 3 additional addresses added for the Conferencing piece. Make sure you DNS system resolves those addresses.

3. Follow the documentation for each piece (Teaming and Conferencing) and MAKE SURE YOU MEET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS! This is important! Especially, as Rob mentions, the JDK 1.5 for the Teaming part. Make sure your database engines are at the required versions or more and are running. Make sure your JAVA_HOME variable points to the right JDK installation.

4. As Rob clearly points out: install Conferencing FIRST, then Teaming.

5. For the Teaming installation, carefully modify your install.xml file; I suggest you leave the defult ports of 8080 and 8443. If you want users to access the Teaming site without using :8080, simply set up a web server that will redirect users to the correct address/port combination.

6. If you want to use LDAP authentication for Teaming, I found the documentation to be precise - I did not try to set up SSL for my LDAP connection, but a basic LDAP setup works fine right from the documentation.

That's what I've got for now!


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