is there a similar documentation like this Application Note covering
eDir Authentication / Password File Authentication for Apache 2.0.59?


Either I get startup errors for the designated separate Apache2 instance,
or the login fails. The very amazing thing is, that even "the Admin" itself
fails, but a differen user, same context, *CAN* login to that pages.
Both have "S" object to root and no homedirectory defined.

Perhaps somebody has an example howto grand eDir based access to
a Apache2 Webserver's contents? (httpd.conf)

I'd be happy with a password file (.htaccess) as well, but, ehhhm, Apache2
isn't really what I know well about...

Thanks for any samples or links to docu covering this,

regards, Rudi.

I read through these sources up to now and still fail desperately:

forge, mod_edir for Apache 2.0.59
(I put that mod_edir.nlm into sys:apache2/modules/)

OES doku:


The Application note mentioned above (seems not to work at all with apache2)

Apache 2 Apache2 netware
edir mod_edir nds ldap tls
Access control grant
web server .htaccess user password pass