Former Seattle area residents might recall Larry Nelson of KOMO radio.
He passed away last Thursday morning at the age of 70. Larry was a
morning fixture on Seattle radio for 30 years. He was known for many
things, but one special thing was his reading of The Cup of Christmas
Tea (
Another Christmas item he was involved with was the rising popularity
of the song Stop the Calvary performed by the Cory band and the Gwalia
A site for remembrances of Larry can be found at

One anedote I'll share is a stunt he and the traffic reporter pulled.
Seems as if other stations were listening in on the communications
between the traffic reporter and the studio and passing off the
information as their own. So they conspired to have the traffic
reporter report that one of the floating bridges was having major
issues. KOMO never passed the information along to listeners, but the
two stations that did got caught red handed. <g>