When normal use of printing with iPrint (spooling print job, via iPrint
Manager), working local spool in Workstation fine.

But when usage of iPrint Direct printing, local spool in Workstation of
print job is not used. Print jobs are sent direct to printserver.
That’s not good, because affect of performance of Workstation.

I now "Enable iPrint Direct printing" is working "by design", it´s
really direct! But why are "normal iPrint" using local spool in
Workstation and then spoolfunction in iPrint Manager?

It’s important for us to use "iPrint Direct", because we have lot of
unreliable ADSL-connections.

With iPrint Direct printing, our customers have all advantage of
centralized printing/maintenance and no disadvantage.

Environment Server: NetWare 6.5 SP6, with latest iPrint/NDPS patches.
Environment Workstation: Windows XP SP2, iPrintClient 4.30, NwClient

Be grateful for tip and hint.