Well this post started out in the 'Communications' forum but after some
discussion it might be more appropiate here.

On our network we have some workstations that are not getting SLP
information through options 78 & 79 via DHCP as they are supposed too.
This has happened on different types of hardware, different versions of
the client, and at different physical sites (we have about 40 schools
spread out over an area about the size of West Virginia). After a lot of
troubleshooting from the network side, I finally ran Wireshark on a couple
workstations that were having the problem. When I released and then
renewed the IP address of the mahcine, I could see the packets requesting
DHCP server for an IP address, but thats all. On a 'healthy' workstation I
would see packets to the DHCP server requesting options 78 & 79
immediately after the workstation recieved its IP.

Our policy is that all client installs be done the same way, using a
pre-built installer that has the settings for the client the way we want.
Even so, sometimes field people might install the wrong version or mess
with the settings so on all workstations with the problem I have checked
client settings, and they are all set correctly. The client is set to get
SLP information through DHCP, but it never sends the request for some

Anyobdy have ideas or seen this before?