I have installed patches on a OES SP2 Linux box running cluster services.
Part of a 14-node cluster

I was installing patches indivdually thru the oes channel. I started with
urgent and then that seemed to go well, I started patching suggested

When I installed the first suggested cluster patch, it implied "this might
break cluster services". I read tid it referred me to 10100002. {We have
had some issues and felt that getting servers fully patched to see if this
resolves issue with ndsd crashing on one of the servers almost weekly}.

Of course patch broke cluster. I couldn't seem to get yast to work.
Rebooted and saw another tid that said to do rug entire channel. Which is
where I'm at now.

It appears that cluster services is loading but can no longer join cluster.

Message I get now when I type cluster status is:

"This node is not a member of a cluster"

Any suggestions on what I can try next?