Tried to post this earlier and it doesn't seem to have gone thru.

Anyway, I did patches on a OES SP2 Linux server which was part of a
14-node cluster.

Cluster services has broken now and I need advice on where to proceed.

Here is what transpired:
I started by running individual patches from oes-channel. Rebooted after
kernel security patches where it seemed it was required. Then I installed
first cluster services patch. That is when cluster services seem to
break. Tids referred me to the 10100002 tid.

I finally did the following command, since a tid implied that later
patches may fix problem.

rug pin --entire-channel oes

Still not working, but cluster services seems to be loaded. Just
configuration not being seen?

Where is the best place for me to resolve this problem?

thanks for any suggestions on this,