Currently Zenworks 7 SP1 is running on Netware 6.5, and we are looking into migrating over to Linux sometime in the future with a possible move to ZCM.

We have several open access areas for students and they're all set for PXE booting as their first boot device as we image the rooms en mass every month or so.

We automatically image all of the workstations in these areas by applying the images through consoleone.

However, if, by chance we had a student with some technical knowledge, they could effectively CTRL+ALT their way into our imaging prompt and upload and download images from our servers.

Ive had a look into a way of password protecting the Imaging menu on Linux, but i was wondering if there was anyway under Netware? Or any way at all of removing all of the options from the Imaging menu at all and just having automatic imaging on?

Basically we would like to prevent the users from accessing imaging completely.